Bri Martin - REALTOR®

(307) 277-4810

Real Broker, LLC

2200 Logan Ave Cheyenne, WY 82001

Bri Martin has been bringing her artistic energy and extensive marketing knowledge to Wyoming for over a decade. Don't let that fool you. She isn't the long term realtor who still uses the same headshot on her business cards that she started with in 2009. She makes it a point every day to fill her mind and all her journals with fresh ideas and motivational quotes.
She graduated in 2005 from Chadron State College with a Bachelors of Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design & a Minor in Marketing, which turned out to be the perfect complement to selling homes. In 2009 she became a REALTOR® and has loved the variety real estate brings day to day, but still spends plenty of early mornings and evenings painting. (Shameless plug: You can find her art at Metro Coffee and at her Etsy shop.)
Bri's love of art and marketing has proved to be pivotal in the Casper real estate market. She is always networking with realtors around the globe; staying on top of current real estate trends and also sharing marketing ideas that work and/or finding out what does not work as well. She is a mentor and guide in your home buying or selling journey. Her style makes her clients feel at ease and they know they can trust their best interests are front of her mind. Some of her past clients have become some of her best friends. When you choose to work with Bri, you will not be disappointed. Just look at all of her reviews.
You can find her actively posting on all social media platforms. Her audience is incredible and she adds to it every year when she travels to multiple real estate conferences around the country learning better ways to serve her clients. Oh course, art isn't far behind either. She has been hired by the top real estate coaching firms to take notes at their events. Of course that means there is wealth of information in an incredibly beautiful presentation.
Being known nationally in the real estate industry also helps her have a wealth of amazing realtors she can connect you with if your travels take you outside of Wyoming.
Let Bri help you with your next home sale!